Mark B. Fleming was honored as the “Best Portfolio” graduate at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 1989 where he received is Associate Degree. In 2012, he enrolled to finish a college goal and received his bachelor degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

In 1991, Mark joined Nashville’s J. C. Bradford & Co., the second largest company in Tennessee, as a Creative Director, responsible for the design of the company’s advertising and marketing material.

He moved up to Manager of Marketing Services, overseeing relationships with advertising agencies, printers and vendors to support 86 offices, 1,300 brokers and 300,000 clients.

After a successful nine-year run at J. C. Bradford & Co., Mark B. Fleming left his position as Manager of Marketing Services to start Creative Avenue, founded February 12th, 1999.  Creative Avenue has grown its customer base from a few clients in 1999 to over 300 today.

Creative Avenue offers a wide variety of services from graphic design and creation of print materials to website design and development.

Today, Mark B. Fleming meets the challenges of a changing industry by staying current in graphic design with Creative Avenue by serving Nossi College of Art. Mark is the Illustrator Coordinator and an instructor at this premier college of art.

Marks role as the Illustration Coordinator/Instructor at the Nossi College of Art, is helping influence the next generation of commercial artists, designers and illustrators. He writes curriculum, manages the department and teaches a variety of classes. The classes range from traditional mediums like painting which includes watercolor, gouche, acrylic and oil painting. Other classes like basic drawing and figure drawing. On the digital side of things, he also teaches basic and advanced Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator® and InDesign®.

As an artist Mark B. Fleming is continually training with new creative concepts and trying new mediums, to not only stay current, but to fulfill the dream of living and being a creative individual. Visit Mark Flemings fine art website at Fleming Paintings.